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Tips for Supporting a Loved One Who Has Cancer

Scott Sohr

The chairman of Built Technologies and president of STS Ventures, Scott Sohr is a veteran business executive who has led several companies to success during his career. In addition, Scott Sohr has contributed to Gilda’s Club Nashville, which offers support to those affected by cancer. These tips can help you support a loved one who has cancer, as well as yourself.

1. Preparing yourself. Preparing to help somebody with cancer extends beyond learning about the condition. You also should recognize that your support will take an emotional toll on you, so take some time to process your feelings and develop a support network of your own.

2. Visits. Always call before making a visit, and try to see your loved one often, even if for only short periods of time. Avoid making cancer the focus of discussions, unless it is specifically brought up. In short, continue treating your friend normally while making yourself available to provide support where needed.

3. No expectations. Understand that your loved one may not always want to talk or host visitors, and respect those wishes at all times. Be available when needed and don’t make your loved one feel guilty if a visit or call is refused.

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