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The Importance of Team Players in the Successful Startup

Scott Sohr

Scott Sohr guides entrepreneurial companies such as Built Technologies and also leads STS Ventures, which serves as incubator for success-driven startups spanning a variety of industries. Scott Sohr regularly authors blog articles on topics such as growing startups and finding ideal team players as a business owner.

As Mr. Sohr describes it, the team he has created at Built Technologies is similar to a group of athletes who mature together as a team that functions at a high level, with each member knowing precisely his or her role. He draws on Patrick Lencioni’s formula for sourcing consummate team players in looking at three core attributes: hunger for success, humility, and intelligence.
One of the key reasons why startup employees must have a team mentality has to do with simple proximity. Particularly during the early stages of a venture, employees spend much of their waking life together and time at the office can extend late into the evening each and every day. As Mr. Sohr phrases it, “if we can’t get along, we’re in trouble.”

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