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The Benefits of Start-Up Incubators

Scott Sohr

An entrepreneur and investor in Nashville, Tennessee, Scott Sohr has held numerous executive leadership roles and taken part in the founding of several companies throughout his career. Currently, Scott Sohr is the president of STS Ventures, a start-up incubator that helps develop companies in the healthcare, real estate, environmental, and technology sectors.

Here are a few of the benefits of working with a start-up incubator:

1. Access to networks. Incubators provide start-up businesses with the opportunity to tap into the preestablished networks of their partners, which often results in the creation of opportunities and exposure among industry thought leaders.
2. Legitimacy. Many investors and much of the media hesitate to lend support to a start-up that isn’t linked to a major industry player. Companies that successfully complete incubator programs often find it easier to attract funding.
3. Access to resources. As business incubators generally play host to experienced professionals, new entrepreneurs gain access to a wellspring of business knowledge and experience. Incubators can help start-ups with everything from business process creation to legal matters.

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