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Tennessee Supreme Court Ruling Favors Defendant Scott Sohr

Scott Sohr

As chairman of Built Technologies, Scott Sohr provides innovative lending services with an emphasis on efficient compliance strategies that enable construction projects to move forward. With a background in real estate, Scott Sohr achieved a successful 2013 court ruling that required his former business partner to reimburse him legal fees totaling $700,000.

The Tennessee Supreme Court’s decision was an appeal of a previous appellate court ruling and represented the last leg of a lengthy litigation process dating back to 2009. The background of the case was a decade of land acquisition geared toward residential development in Rutherford and Williamson counties. When the Great Recession hit, a protracted downturn in the real estate market led to a division of Sohr and his partner’s ownership interests.
Plaintiff Ingram took Sohr to court with an aim of voiding the breakout agreement and with additional claims of compensatory damages totaling millions of dollars. With the majority of these claims thrown out immediately, Ingram unsuccessfully pursued justice in a civil jury trial and through the Tennessee Court of Appeals. The ultimate decision reaffirmed the invalidity of all claims against Sohr.

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