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STS Venture - Creating Opportunities for Start-Ups

Scott Sohr

Scott Sohr serves as a business professional with knowledge and experience in a variety of sectors including healthcare, technology, environment, and real estate investment. With over three decades of experience in the industry, Scott Sohr has founded and managed several organizations, including STS Ventures; he currently maintains an active role of president in the organization.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, STS Ventures was incorporated as an independent company with the aim of functioning as a hub for creative entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas for start-ups in different sectors. The firm envisions providing guidance to entrepreneurs through its experience and utilizing its widespread network in the business world in order to assist entrepreneurs in successfully turning their business concepts into reality without compromising the essence of their vision.

Founded in 2006, STS has accomplished the inception, development, and administration of over 13 projects in the technology, real estate, healthcare, and renewable sectors. Some of its ventures include Built Technology, Elmington Capital Group, Correct Care Solutions, and Environmental Waste Solutions. The organization provides jobs to over 8,000 people all over the southeastern US and boasts a revenue collection of more than $2.4 billion.


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