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Leadership Development at Owen Graduate School of Management

Scott Sohr

The president of STS Ventures in Nashville, Tennessee, Scott Sohr also co-founded Elmington Capital Group and Stonegate Land. Before launching his career in business, Scott Sohr received his MBA from the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University. 

Located in Nashville, the Owen Graduate School of Management offers a wide range of leadership development opportunities for students in MBA programs. The Leadership Development Program (LDP) at Owen employs techniques used by high-level executive training programs, placing students in a position to succeed once they graduate. Using the leadership skills they develop in LDP, students can excel in leadership positions at on-campus conferences, student clubs, and international projects.

Students in LDP choose from three approaches: Shared, Individual, and Flex. The Shared approach utilizes a structured schedule with small-group sessions with a business coach. Students taking the Individual approach meet one-on-one with their executive business coach and create a more flexible schedule throughout their two years. The Flex schedule is by far the most customizable, allowing students to create their own on-demand schedule with no required commitments.


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