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Gilda’s Club Nashville for Cancer Victims

Scott Sohr

Scott Sohr functions as a self-made entrepreneur and businessman with a successful career spanning more than three decades. Aside from establishing and managing various enterprises in a wide range of sectors including technology, healthcare, real estate, and environment, Scott Sohr also actively remains involved in various charitable causes like Gilda’s Club Nashville.

Gilda’s Club Nashville is an independent non-profit organization affiliated with the Cancer Support Community. It operates with the mission of empowering, strengthening, and assisting all people affected by cancer through social and emotional support programs. Founded by Sandy Tower – the best friend of a cancer victim, Kristy Olson – the organization mainly focuses on providing psycho-social support to cancer patients, their families, and their friends in order to help them navigate through the journey of the ailment.

Gilda’s Club Nashville was established in 1998 and maintains various evidence-based programs including support groups, workshops on leading a healthy lifestyle, information on community resources, and other educational and social activities. There are approximately 60 support groups and networks and professionals conduct over 50 educational workshops. Membership is free and there is no age or gender requirement to become involved in the organization or join its ongoing activities.


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