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Best Buddies International Offers Job Support

A successful entrepreneur in the fields of financial technology and health care, Scott Sohr functions as the president of STS Ventures in Nashville. Outside of his professional pursuits, Scott Sohr is a volunteer and contributor at Best Buddies International.

An international nonprofit organization serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), Best Buddies provides a full range of job development services. Through its jobs program, Best Buddies helps individuals with IDD earn an income and support themselves independently. The jobs program focuses primarily on office jobs such as file clerks, receptionists, and mailroom assistants.

In addition to providing job training and employment support, Best Buddies works closely with employers interested in hiring individuals with IDD. Employing individuals with IDD creates a more diverse and inclusive workplace, which has a positive effect on overall employee morale. Working with Best Buddies Employment Consultants results in decreased costs associated with recruitment and training, especially for positions with high turnover. From a financial perspective, employers can benefit from federal tax incentives by hiring people with IDD.


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